A message from Meurig Williams

Dear friends in the Archdeaconry of France,

I was very touched by the gift from the Archdeaconry which came my way as I was preparing to leave for Ireland. Your gift will enable me to enhance my spacious garden here in north County Cork! I will leave the Archdeaconry with a great sense of thankfulness and fulfilment, along with much gratitude for the opportunity to support clergy and laity throughout the Archdeaconry.

Being Archdeacon of France has been my ‘dream job’ and I have relished the opportunities it has afforded, not only to offer pastoral support to the Chaplaincies and the clergy who serve them; but also to work on a much broader, ecumenical and international canvas. I will take that sense of delight and accomplishment with me into the next stage of ministry here in Ireland.

Please be assured of my prayers and best wishes to all in the Archdeaconry, including Tony Lomas as acting archdeacon for the next few weeks and Peter Hooper my successor.

Yours ever


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