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New French PAYE system

A lot of people have been scratching their heads over this, and negotiating the various websites is not easy, especially if your Treasurer is not a fluent French speaker.
Frances in Lille has been through the process and explains more on this page on our website.

New electoral roll this year

This is not specific to our Archdeaconry of course, but you can find the updated Electoral Roll forms and instructions on this page.
There is lots of other useful information on the same page.
Copy of P A Y E

Archdeaconry Synod 2019

The Standing Committee met last week to finalise details of this year's synod, which takes place from 16-18 May in Lyon. Go to our webpage for more information, and look out for a mail in the next week. It will include the information sheet, the booking form and a draft programme.
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Domaine Lyon St Joseph


We've added a page with the latest information and useful contacts about Brexit. It's important that chaplaincies identify and help those who are less able to deal with any required registrations or paperwork, particularly if they don't use the internet easily.


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