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It was a great pleasure to see you all at the synod last week.
The main purpose of this message is to give you the link to a short questionnaire. There are ten questions so that you can give your feedback on our synod - the answers are totally anonymous.
Also, if two of you use the same computer (or even the same email address) we have ensured that you can both send in your answers.
If there are any problems, get in touch
Here's the link. The survey will run for two weeks, but why not do it now?It will only take a few minutes.
Photos will be uploaded over the next week (there are a few already), as will the presentations that the speakers have shared with us - so check back later in the week for more.
Don't forget to share the chaplaincy reports too, and to report back to your chaplaincy, or encourage them to look at the website.
Looking forward to seeing the results of the survey.
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