Dear reader
We were delighted to see how many of you read our recent newsletter. We'd like to see Treasurers and other chaplaincy members sign up too, so please encourage them to do so, and please continue to read our occasional messages. (Did you pass on the information about PAYE?)
We'll only send you messages when there is an important update. if you'd like to sign up.

Why are we sending you another newsletter so soon after the last one?

It's because the message from the Archdeacon, with full details of this year's Synod in Lyon, has just been sent out.
Please take note, especially of the last date for booking and why we won't be able to accommodate last-minute bookings this year.
Please check with your fellow chaplains and synod reps that they have received it too.
And if someone didn't receive the message:
- check your spam box
- get in touch (
- make sure your chaplaincy has updated contact details on the Diocesan database.

And now an apology

Sorry, but we didn't include information about who cheques should be made out to. Human error ...
Cheques should be made out to:
The Anglican Archdeaconry of France
Thank you for your understanding :)
Finally, please reply to this email if there is something you would like us to include in a future newsletter.
It only remains to complete your booking forms, send the cheques, and send in your chaplaincy reports.
Thank you, see you in May.
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