Dear reader
If you have already sent in your booking form and cheque, then thank you and sorry for this reminder - it's going to everyone on our list, we don't (yet) have the technology to filter out your name. But maybe you can check with fellow representatives or chaplains?
If not, there's not much time left!

Countdown to the last day for booking for the synod

  • The last day for bookings is 31 March
  • After that date we can't guarantee a room will be available and as we said in the information sheet, any available room might be at a higher cost.
  • Please send your forms to (and NOT to the Archdeaconry office in Brussels)
  • Cheques should be made out to: The Anglican Archdeaconry of France and sent to Kate Giry-Deloison.
We look forward to seeing you in May.
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