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The Standing Committee has been working hard to make sure everything is ready for our synod in March.
Read on for updates about the synod and information about our Anglican France website.

Latest Synod updates

Thank you to everyone who sent in their booking form and cheque in good time; it really helps. The final list of attendees is on its way to St Joseph's to comply with the tight deadlines. We're sorry that some of you are unable to be there, but thank you for letting us know.
There are a few outstanding cheques, you'll be getting a personal message if we still haven't received it today. Cheques made payable to: The Anglican Archdeaconry of France.
Any requests for new bookings at this late date may incur an additional charge: unbooked rooms have been released back to the hotel, as we explained in the information sheet.
Any queries to please. We'll try and help.


We're still working on the final programme for this year's synod, but you'll be pleased to know that there will be an additional workshop session on Reader Ministry.

Chaplaincy Reports

Thank you to those who have already sent in their Chaplaincy Reports, but we're waiting for the rest of you - please don't forget!
These reports are widely circulated, and synod reps can easily share with their church members without printing paper copies.
Send reports to

Information for British nationals

Those of you who check our website regularly will have seen that there is a new page with links to some of the websites (both in UK and France) which are regularly updated with information for British nationals living in France.
The Diocese in Europe also has a resource hub on Brexit which you can find here:

New PAYE system in France

There is also a lot of information about the new French PAYE system on our website. It applies to everyone, so please make sure you are up to date with tax for your chaplain or anyone else you employ.
Finally, anyone who would like to be a candidate for the Chair of the House of Laity needs to send in their application by Monday 15 April.
Here is a link to the document which was sent out with the synod information but please get in touch if you need some information.
We look forward to seeing you in May.
Only people who signed up to our contact list are getting this email, so please forward it to anybody in your chaplaincy who might like the information. And if they would like to receive these occasional newsletters, tell them to send a message to and they will be added to the list.
Thank you!
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