Copyright questions

The comments below are only for information and to suggest where further details may be obtained; this summary is not intended as legal advice.

The Diocesan Communications team has published a webpage on copyright.


All music played in public, and this includes in hospitals, clubs, bars, associations etc as well as concerts, is covered by copyright law and needs a licence. 

Please consult the SACEM website for information about how to obtain a licence; it’s easy and for a small fee (the cost depends on whether your event charges entry or not) you are covered.

See also the Diocesan website for information about using music from A Church Near You resource hub, and licences from the CCLI and/or One Licence.


The law says that you can replay a film at home if you bought or downloaded it legally. But although clubs and associations can replay up to 6 films a year to their members, they still need a licence.

SACEM is again your first contact, their local office will advise you.—quelles-sont-les-demarches


Before using an image on a website or in a newsletter, you should check that it is not under copyright.  Your search engine tools should have a way to only search for images which are licensed for use. 

Here’s how to search on Google:

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