All chaplaincies need to follow Diocesan regulations and to keep up to date with training. Different people need different levels of training, but the first level is on line and open to all, including the congregation.

You will find all the information you need on the Diocesan website. There are details of training, who to contact, and the full text of the Diocesan policy and guidance notes.

Some updates on training dates can be found on the “News” page and there is a link to a list showing who needs what level of training.

This is a complicated and important area that everyone needs to know about.

Please note that while Level 1 training is online, Level 2 training is organised in various locations around the country. The Archdeaconry is responsible for expenses incurred in organising the Level 2 training course, such as the cost of the Trainer and the hire of the room.
The Archdeaconry does not pay expenses for people to attend Level 2 training. This is a matter for individual chaplaincies, and those attending a training course should approach their chaplaincy to see whether it is possible to claim expenses.


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